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Guiding Principle

The Nippon Foundation Human Milk Bank (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) complies with the laws and ordinances regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines set by the Japanese government, and other standards. It has established and implemented the following personal information protection policy to gain the trust of related parties and employees by appropriately handling the important personal information entrusted to us, thereby contributing to the sound development of an advanced information society.

Privacy Policy

1. The Bank collects personal information directly from the individual through registration forms on its website and in writing, indirectly through the general affairs departments of client companies, and by purchasing commercially available publications.

2. The Bank will use the following types of personal information for the purposes listed in each item.

  1. Personal information of registered donors

    ・To check the appropriateness of registered donor milk
    ・To orchestrate the proper use and management of information related to donor milk
    ・To contact donor registrants

  2. Personal information of those who have made inquiries, etc. to The Bank

    ・To respond to inquiries, requests, complaints, etc.

3. The personal information in 2-(1) will be shared with The Nippon Foundation Human Milk Bank and the Japan Human Milk Bank Association.

4. To handle the personal information of donors, recipients, staff, and others, The Bank will adequately collect, use, and provide personal information. In particular, The Bank will take all possible measures to ensure the safe disposal of personal information.

5. The Bank will clarify to the individual the purpose of using the personal information it has acquired and use it only for that reason. In addition, The Bank will make a continuous effort to safeguard its internal privacy management system.

6. The Bank will not use personal information for any purpose other than the intended reason without the individual’s prior consent to whom the information pertains.

7. The Bank will take necessary and appropriate safety measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information and correct such leakage, loss, or damage.

8. The Bank will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and consultations from the person whose personal information is being used.

9. Upon request from the person whose personal information is being used, The Bank will suspend the use of the personal information, including the suspension of mail magazine delivery.

10. The Bank may outsource the handling of personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. The outsourced work includes data entry and printing of lists, etc. The Bank will be responsible for the safe management of personal information at the outsourced company.

11. The Bank will maintain and comply with the latest laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other standards regarding the handling of personal information. The Bank will keep up-to-date and comply with laws, national policies, and other standards regarding the handling of personal information.

12. The Bank will establish, implement, maintain, and continuously improve its personal information protection management system.

Established: January 22, 2021
The Nippon Foundation Human Milk Bank
Katsumi Mizuno, President

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact

・Hours of operation: Weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding New Year holidays and other holidays specified by The Bank)
・Address: Nihonbashi-koamicho Square Building 1F, 17-10 Nihonbashi-koamicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0016, Japan
・Phone: +81-(03)-5931-3695 / Fax: +81-(03)-5931-3690
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