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Research papers

Research papers (2022)

  1. Mizuno K, Kohda C, Den H: Microwave Treatment Prevents Cytomegalovirus Transmission to Preterm Infants through Human Milk: J Food Sci Nutr Res: 5(3): pp 608-611: 2022
  2. Tanaka M, Fujii S, Inoue H, Takahashi N, Ishimi Y, Uehara M: (S)-Equol is More Effective than (R)-Equol in Inhibiting Osteoclast Formation and Enhancing Osteoclast Apoptosis, and Reduces Estrogen Deficiency-Induced Bone Loss in Mice: J Nutr: 152(8): pp 1831-1842: 2022
  3. Wada YS, Saito J, Hashii Y, Kishi T, Kobayashi M, Kamiya T, Mizuno K: Remdesivir and Human Milk: A Case Study: J Hum Lact: 38(2): pp 248-251: 2022
  4. Furukawa K, Mizuno K, Azuma M, Yoshida Y, Den H, Iyoda M, Nagao S, Tsujimori Y: Reliability of an Ion-Selective Electrode as a Simple Diagnostic Tool for Mastitis: J Hum Lact: 38(2): pp 262-269: 2022
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