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Activity Data Report (April to September 2022)

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Six months have passed since The Nippon Foundation Human Milk Bank started operation, and we are pleased to report the activity data from April 1, 2022, to September 30, 2022, as follows;

  • Number of donor registration applications: 581 
  • Number of donors officially registered: 253 (those who receive notification of donor registration completion after medical interview and blood screening test at the donor registration facilities)
  • Amount of frozen human milk received: 689.778 liters (which our donors shipped to The Nippon Foundation Human Milk Bank)
  • Amount of donor milk pasteurized: 495.01 liters
  • Number of NICU facilities that received donor milk: 12
  • Amount of donor milk delivered to NICUs: 120.53 liters
  • Number of babies who used donor milk: 45 
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